Get Started

dreamstime_m_44454604Establishing a business relationship with Vector Solar is easy.    

Steps 1 & 2: Click on the Account Set-up Button, fill out the form, save it to your computer, and then, using your browser’s “Back” arrow or button, return to the previous page. Repeat the process using the Agreement Button.

Step 3: Click “Choose File’ and select the Account Set-up file. Repeat the process for the Agreement file. Click “Submit.”

Once these forms are sent to Vector, we’ll be in touch with your company, generally within a business day. A Vector Engineer will be assigned to your account. From there on in, we have a business relationship. Whenever you need residential or commercial solar designs or just certification letters, or both, Vector is there for you. It’s that simple.

Why Start with an Agreement? Some people ask “Why do we start with an agreement?” There’s a simple answer — we are both contemplating entering into a successful business relationship — it takes a couple minutes to lay the groundwork, and the deal’s done. It’s a good way to get things started.

Other Questions? If you have other questions, call James W. ‘Jamey’ Johnston at 801-990-1775.

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